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Best Seafood Restaurant in Palm Harbor

Looking for one of the BEST seafood restaurants in Palm Harbor Florida?
Established in late 1985 and still remains as one of the bay area’s best kept secrets!
For 30 years, Molly Goodheads has been a landmark of it’s quiet, coastal community.
Guests have traveled from all corners of the globe to enjoy our mouth watering treats.
Over the years, we have created an outstanding menu with just a bit of everything…
Don’t forget to try our famous, fresh off the boat Grouper sandwich!

So whether your belly up to the bar, or enjoying a great meal with friends and family,
Molly Goodheads is sure to become a memorable experience you won’t soon forget!
What to expect..

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Ozona Florida.
Its a pleasant little coastal community on the outskirts of Palm Harbor.
Molly Goodheads has definitely added plenty of bold character to the neighborhood.
Featuring a Key West style and relaxing atmosphere to the tunes of Ol’ Margaritaville.
Known for our big portions and low prices along with the freshest seafood in town!

Open each day beginning at 11:00am for a delicious Lunch or Dinner here in Ozona.
Our friendly and courteous staff is always ready to provide a memorable experience.
So stop in and enjoy yourself! Try our fresh seafood, salads, burgers & plenty more!
Check out our entire new menu

Here at Molly Goodhead’s you can arrive by Harley, Golf Cart, Car, Truck or Bicycle!
Regardless, you are sure to find friendly faces, great tunes & mouthwatering seafood!
Call us to make your reservations. (727) 786-6255

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